my name is cassie. i live in kentucky, make music, and appreciate a good taco.

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Most of my pics are kitten. Andrew renamed him Bjorn and today he threw up on the kitchen floor but I still luv him my angel kitten

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You know how people say “I’m getting bad again”? I hate that. I think the opposite of that. I feel like every other week I’m in a funk and that’s not “getting bad again” that’s just normal. Maybe it is normal for me to feel bad 45% of the time, and if I can learn to accept that I will be ok. Just stop fighting it.

list of activities i do at work

* trying to harmonize with songs from pandora station, especially songs i’ve never heard before

* reading mom blogs

* reading mom blog criticisms

* calling my dad and telling him how bored i am

I’ve killed 3 flies since I went to go to bed what’s the deal here how are these flies getting in my house



I try not to do this to myself. Last year I was sad thinking I wished I had more classes to teach. Now I have more classes and I’m sad wishing I had more photography jobs. I guess I’m still not quite able to stop myself from wishing my situation were a bit better.

kentucky engagement

kentucky engagement

here’s an engagement photo i took last week

here’s an engagement photo i took last week


he who fights with monsters should look to it that he himself does not start playing dnd as one - friedrice nicesheep