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Ugh. Today I’ll see Adam for about 12 hours (also need to sleep in this time) after a month of not seeing each other, to be followed by 2 months of not seeing eachother. It’s a good thing I’m pretty busy right now and but also I am pretty bummed out.


here’s a song i recorded today. it’s called JUST WINTER. because it’s already cold here in the midwest.

listening to my old songs makes me so emotional

like just the tone of me recording straight into my computer microphone makes me suuuper nostalgic

coincidences are the best. i was looking up random bandcamp names because i have a record i want to put up soon, and “egret.bandcamp.com” is taken by a band that is playing a wedding i’m shooting next month.

Vox ac15

Vox ac15

Sneaky drunk photo of the best shirt I’ve ever seen

Sneaky drunk photo of the best shirt I’ve ever seen

ugh. sometimes “contemporary art” is the worst. 

ugh. sometimes “contemporary art” is the worst. 


Sunset on old logging roads in Shelton, Washington

This reminds me of twin peaks and how excited I am to watch twin peaks soon


by Takatoshi Sano

I’m really proud of Adam he’s playing 4 shows during AMA this weekend